And we are not afraid
And we are not afraid

Roerich, Nikolai

1874 - 1947

And we are not afraid

Tempera on canvas

71.5 x 101.5cm


Signed with monogram



Roerich Museum, New York

Louis Horsch

Baltzar E. Bolling

Private Collection, London


New York, Roerich Museum(1930)

Grand Haven Michigan, Exhibit of Paintings by Nicholas Roerich, 1969

Musee de Montmartre, Russes, Paris, 2003, p. 69


Roerich Museum catalogue(New York 1924)ill., V.N. Ivanov and E. Gollerbakh

Roerich, (Riga, 1939) ill. P. 37

J. Decter, Nicholas Roerich (London 1989), ill. P. 124

“Among the works on display was the Sancta series. The title of each painting in the series begins with the words “And we…” suggesting not only that the works are connected but that taken in sequence they tell a story: And we are opening the gates, And we do not fear, And we are trying, And we continue fishing,  And we are bringing the lights,  And we see… the Sancta series relates a spiritual journey. The travellers on this journey are monks garbed in long hooded black robes, their faces indistinct. The setting of all the works is Russia. And we do not fear depicts a wintry landscape. Snow blankets the hills, the rocks, and a northern Russian wooden church in the distance. Two monks stand in the foreground. Approaching them is a large brown bear. The painting would resemble a contemplative  Kuindji-esque winter landscape were it not for the background, where a helmet-shaped mountain looms large. The top of the mountain is lavender, suggesting the reflection of the rising or setting sun on the snow. The lower part of the mountain is in shadow, and the shapes formed by these shadows are ominous as if cast by an approaching but unseen evil enemy. The monks however show not the least apprehension. The power of the spirit, Roerich seems to be saying, will prevail over the forces of darkness in the end.” J. Decter, Nicholas Roerich, London, 1989, p. 123.





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